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HTML5 Development: The New Era of Web and Mobile Apps Development

As you all know that the base of all websites and language is HTML.  HTML is a markup language for presenting websites over Internet. In December 2012 W3C and WHATWG reveal the next HTML version called HTML5, with extended facility and features.  The previous versions of HTML were restricted and developers were faced problems. Unlike the past, the modern day website layouts are much more advanced and have much functionality.

The new version of HTML has many new features, like <video>,<audio>,<canvas> elements with integration of SVG content.  With the help of these multimedia elements, it’s very easy to integrate graphical content to web without using flash or any other third party Plugins. Also the latest versions of web browsers are come with HTML5 compatible, which can easily produce website in better way.

Some of the great Advantages of HTML5 are:

Powerful Accessibility: - The new HTML headings like <header>, <footer>, <section>, <aside> etc allow screen readers to effortlessly access content.

Video & Audio Support: - Just forgot the flash player and other third party Plugins, the <video> and <audio> tags of HTML5 support multimedia in smooth way.

Clear Code Structure: - HTML5 allows you to write clear and descriptive code, which you can easily separate meaning from style and content.

Game Development: - Yes, you can develop Game using HTML5. <Canvas> tag enables you to create great mobile friendly games.  If you developed flash game previously, you just love to build game using HTML5 game engine.

Smarter & Better Storage: - Cookies have been used to track unique user data for years. HTML5 comes with local storage facility and its better than cookies. Because it allows storage access multiple windows with best security and performance.

HTML5 is such technology, providing mobile apps development service. An application which is developed with the help of HTML5 web development can flawlessly work on all mobile platforms. Additionally, HTML5 mobile development is also able to present resolution for multimedia rich mobile.

After releasing new version of HTML, many companies provide HTML5 web development services. This technology is really wonderful for creating advanced website easily, fast and within affordable cost. 

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